We’re not a fan of labels, so we offer a dating experience designed to connect you with new people outside your usual circles. Unlike other dating sites that does filter based on height, education, race, or religion because demographics do not define a person. We believe everyone deserves the right to be seen and make the first move no matter how they identify. On our website, we try to narrow it down for you by choosing five matches that you can choose from and if you are not happy we look for five more until you are satisfied.

How We Do It

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Background checks and Authentification

We do through background checks on the five matches for personal security. In order to ensure that you are matched with the right partner and not (kidnappers, serial killers etc.)

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Matching and Courtship

We asist you in finding your perfect match. We couch you and guide you during this time to prepare for your marriage. On this stage we offer you pre-marital counselling that builds a strong foundation for your marriage.

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Individual Coaching

We do individual coaching so that when we bring you together you both start on a clean slate.

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Couples Couching

That is when we do follow ups and coaching where needed because the aim of our site is to create happy, fruitful and sustainable marriages.

Want to start your love journey with us?

We go with you through the whole process from finding the perfect match to releationaship couching until you get married.

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