About Us

This company was founded by Olivia Morrie, who is an educator by profession and in my profession I deal with lots of children from broken families and I see the pain and anger that these kids go through and this happens due to seperations or divorce in the family. Having gone through divorce myself I know what it can do to a family especially to the little one’s. In my search for help I found the Lord and he never fails, because the joy, knowledge and understanding that I got from His is unimaginable, so I realised that through him I can help many children to stay with their parents and the love they experience will be taken from generation to generation. I have helped friends and family the same way and I can gladly say even though not perfect but their relationships work. And I have God to thank for that.


To see families prosper and little children growing up in healthy families. To see marriages thrive.


At Jireh we believe that finding the one should be easy, but we have realized that to find the one today is like lookin for a niddle in a hey stack. Our mission is to find you the one and make sure that your relationship works using state of the art technology and most importantly the Gospel of Grace. We will be focused on the four laws of love.

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